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By Kent B. Molino, DDS, PC and Todd L. Vaccaro, DDS
October 28, 2016
Category: family dentistry
Tags: toothbrush   brushing  

Learn which toothbrush is best for you from your Niskayuna dentist.

Choosing the best toothbrush will help you ensure that your teeth stay strong and healthy. Dr. Kent B. Molino and Dr. Todd L. Vaccaro, tooth brushyour Niskayuna, NY family dentists, share a few tips that will help you pick the right toothbrush.

Red, blue or green?

There's a lot more to toothbrush selection than just choosing a color. When you shop for your next brush, consider:

  • Bristle Type: Soft bristle toothbrushes are the best choice for your tooth and gums. Although it might seem as if harder bristles would be more effective at removing plaque, these brushes can damage your enamel and cause your gums to recede, which can cause tooth sensitivity. Soft brushes are just as effective at removing plaque, but won't damage your teeth and gums.
  • Head Size: Your toothbrush should fit comfortably in your mouth. If your toothbrush head is too large, it may be difficult to reach all of your teeth. It may take longer than necessary to clean teeth with a head that's too small. If your mouth is small, there's nothing wrong with buying children's toothbrushes to make brushing easier.
  • Manual or Power: Both manual and power toothbrushes do a good job of getting your teeth clean. The choice really depends on your personal preference. Power toothbrushes, particularly those that play music when they're turned on, can make toothbrushing a more pleasant experience for children in some cases. Power brushes are appropriate for children (and anyone) aged 3 and up.

The two-minute rule

If you can brush your teeth in 30 seconds or less, you're probably not getting your teeth clean enough. Spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth to make sure that you've adequately cleaned very surface.

Don't forget about other oral hygiene products

Flossing once a day removes plaque and food particles from between teeth. It doesn't matter whether you floss in the morning or evening, as long as you make flossing a daily habit. The next time you buy mouthwash, read the label to make sure the product is antimicrobial and fluoridated. These substances kill bacteria that can cause cavities and help strengthen your tooth enamel.

Good oral hygiene, combined with regular dental visits, are essential for a healthy smile. If it's time for your next visit, call Dr. Vaccaro and Dr. Molino, your Niskayuna, NY family dentists, at (518) 377-3628 to schedule an appointment.